Blessington Lake Sailing Club/Junior Training 2019
The 2019 summer programme activities run from 24th June to 2nd August.

Both club members and non-members are welcome to apply.

**Please note**
- All courses will take place Mon-Fri each day at 09:30-16:30.
- All applicants must be between the ages of nine and eighteen years old for the sailing courses and 6-9 yrs old for the Cara na Mara course
- All applicants must be confident in water (excepting Cara na Mara).
- Applicants must have completed and passed the level prior to the level they are wishing to enroll in now.
- All courses listed below are Irish sailing accredited courses except where noted.
- The courses will be two weeks in order to comply with Irish Sailing's guidelines (excepting the first and last weeks and the Cara na Mara courses).
- Due to the constraints of Irish Sailing's teaching ratios and possible demand for certain courses, we cannot guarantee that all levels will go ahead, but will do our best to facilitate all abilities.

Click HERE for the application form-payment details are on this form.

Click here to view the sailing club policies, including the Invasive Species Policy.