BLSC Policies, Safety Statement, etc.
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BLSC Safety Policy:

The following is a summary of the main points contained in the relevant sections of the BLSC Safety Statement:
a) Sailors should have water confidence.
b) Suitable buoyancy aids shall be worn at all times when on the water.
c) Suitable clothing and footwear must be worn at all times when on the water.
d) The number of rescue boats on the water should be appropriate to the number of boats sailing and weather conditions.
e) The rescue boat must carry the following items: a means of summoning help (radio, flares or other suitable devices), towing lines, knife, an anchor, paddles and bailer/bucket.
f) All sailing boats must have adequate draining equipment on board.
g) All sailing boats must have adequate buoyancy so that it will float when fully inverted or when fully swamped.
h) All members must make themselves aware of where the first aid kits are within the Club.
i) There must be no sailing at night unless participating in a formally organised event.
j) If an incident should occur then it must be reported to a sub-committee member at the earliest opportunity, at least within 24hrs.