Membership Information
Individual, Family and Student Membership is available.

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Some answers to your questions:

  •  Must I have a sailing qualification to join Blessington Sailing Club?

    No. You should always endeavour to be as proficient as possible, but you do not need any sailing qualifications to join the club.

  • Do I need to have a boat to join Blessington Sailing Club?

    No. The club has a number of Toppers, Lasers and a Catamaran for new members to avail of but the club encourages members to buy thier boat within the classes sailed within the club.

  • Is there an entry fee when joining Blessington Sailing Club?

    Yes. There is an entry fee which will be part of the Membership Fee, paid over your first 5 years.

  • How do I apply for membership?

    Download a Membership Form and complete it. It is preferable that you get current members of the Club to propose and second you. Send the completed form to:

                        The Membership Secretary,
                        Blessington Sailing Club,
                        C/O  2 Esker Lea,
                        Co. Kildare.

    You will be contacted and invited to come to the Club to meet members of the Committee. Even if you do not know a member of Blessington Sailing Club, send back the form and you will be invited to the Club to meet members.

  • What are the membership fees?

    Membership Fees 2018:

    Individual            €252.00
    Family                 €336.00
    Student                 €85.00
    Junior                  €130.00
    Pavilion                 €85.00
    Certain levies also apply. If you would like to find out more about becoming a member of Blessington Sailing club, please click